The ill.Methodology Remixed v2 - Interview with illGates +
  | 4 months, 1 day, 8 hours, 30 minutes ago

The ill.Methodology Remixed V2 has been warmly embraced by dancers and music community with features on EDM Network, On The Rise and music DJ support.
ill.Gates is a constant source of new energy and ideas he recently published and awesome article on why EDM is just a baby and not this monstrous bubble some folks are making it out to be, it makes for a great read
You can also get a better taste of mr. Gates vibrance in this video interview on

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Free Download of Sizzla - Blessed (Son Of Kick Remix) and more
  | 5 months, 1 day, 1 hour, 21 minutes ago

Last week we dropped the EP Mista Savona Presents Sizzla - Blessed along with a plethora of remixes that cover the spectrum of genres including Jungle, Trap, House, Moombahton, Future-bass, Glitch Hop, Dubstep and Hip Hop.
A sampling of the tunes can be found on the Muti soundcloud
You can also grab a Free download of the Son Of Kick Remix, also being supported on the following Blogs :

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Lush new tunes from Wu Wei including some free downloads
  | 5 months, 1 week, 2 days, 58 minutes ago

Wu Wei is a young artists that we are sure to hear a lot more about, his style is ethereal, uplifting, ambient and downtempo beats fused with a smattering of house music influences.
The Untz recently had this to say, “Wu Wei, a name derived from the Taoist path of non-action, has tapped into a universal song and brought its melodies into the physical realm. The result is a uniquely unifying effect, transcending language and cultural identity to remind the rest of humanity of its fundamental connection. .. (read more on The Untz
For a taste test, try out some of his free downloads :

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Spankinz leaving a mark !! - Free download and Warrior Within photo shoot
  | 5 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 38 minutes ago

Well the Spankinz are leaving marks and some folks are loving them.
So aside from the EP now being available on our all new setup Bandcamp we also have a FREE remix of the tune by ‘Illegitimate Children’ for ya’ll right here
and in addition to that our awesome friends at Warrior Within Designs had a photoshoot for their awesome onesies and set the soundtrack to Hypha’s luscious remix of the same tune, view here or here

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Sizzla - I’m Living (The Versions & Remixes)
  | 6 months, 6 days, 4 hours, 25 minutes ago

Leading up to the album ‘Born A King’ dropping in May 2014 this remix pack is the second in a series of remix EPs around the album and has been receiving top notch support globally from Roots Reggae aficionados, to Dubstep, Glitch Hop and Jungle heads.
We are overwhelmingly grateful for the support on BBC Radio from the legendary David Rodigan as well as from the likes of Toddla T on his show too. gives it a 8/10, saying,” The very diverse and refreshing blend of Reggae vocals, makes this collaborative project definitely a classic collectors item for any Reggae lover… Truly a must-have! - ‘
Here’s some of the epic response coming in:

6BLOCC / Skanx
3rd Eye remix has the vibez!

B.Traits (BBC Radio 1) - 9/10
So good!

Ragga Twins (Flinty) - 10/10
top work lads

RaggaJungle.CZ (Czech Republic) - 9/10
Ed&Solo Stickybuds RMX and the B.R.E.E.D. RMx killin it on this one…dancefloor madness guaranteed

Ras Kwame (Capital Xtra) - 7/10
sweet sweet sweet.

Ras Lion - 7/10
nice one…
RasSterlin (Asbo Records) - 9/10

Ray Keith (Dread Recordings) - 8/10
big love the 3rdeye remix is the one big will support radio and club
ReggaeMani (Erik) - 8/10
Nice remixes.

Renegade Soundwave (Danny) - 8/10
‘The Formula’ was one of the very top tunes of last year for me. This one isn’t so original but still has a wicked uplifting vibe, esp Ed Solo / Stickybuds and Mista Savona mixes

BackTheTooFuture Sub FM - 7/10
Ed Solo still creating great remixes.

Bassface Sascha (Mannheim, Germany) - 7/10
loving the Ed Solo Rmx (Milan) - 9/10
Love em!!

Basspass (Maya) - 7/10
Again, good work Mista Savona! Thanks for the tunes

Bill Skany Panky - 8/10
Mista Savona remix is THE JAM!

Brewster.B - (HIP REPLACEMENT SHOW) - 8/10
setting high standards, another bomb ep..! 2014 looking good.! - 10/10
Sticky Buds & ed solo roxin it again

Bushdoctor (Kings Hifi) - 7/10
wicked Ed Solo remix

Chef (Kool London) - 7/10
Great selection of remixes Ed solo & Stickybuds bring the jungle vibes!

Chrissy J (Jungle Citizens) - 7/10
a great ep with a diversity of sounds .. something for everyone .. what ever the dancefloor ,It will go off .. great work ..

Cobra Krames (New York, USA) - 8/10
SUPER CURRENT BEAT!!! great vocals , sick package and Keeping Sizzla in my sets!!

Coco (Dope Ammo, Banbury) - 7/10
Ed Solo & Stickybuds remix is BIG!

Dillinja - 7/10
love the vocals smile

DJ Bullet Bill (Vancouver) - 7/10
Cool variations, enjoyed the range of remixes on this compilation

DJ Dubconscious (Jake) - 9/10
Such a pleasure to see one of my favorite reggae vocalists working with one of my favorite producers (Savona), & even moreso to see the album come out via one of my favorite North American labels (Muti) who then goes on to stack the remix roster! Toppa tops!

DJ Hybrid - 8/10
Ed Solo & Sticky Buds remix is the one for me!
Will support! thanks

DJ Oscar (Detuned) - 9/10
vocals are great, the variety in remixes is solid.

DJ RootBwoy (GiZi Radio, Romania) - 10/10
Wicked remix pack for a brilliant tune! Ed Solo & Stickybuds’ remix is an absolute killer!!

DJ Ruffride - 8/10
Some great remixes here lots of energy very hard to choose a favorite!!!

DJ SS (Formation Recordings) - 5/10

DJ Sticky Buds (Canada) - 9/10
Ed + Sticky + Savona FTW !

DJ TNT - 8/10
wicked jungle tune will defo get some air play thank you

DJ Virus (Reinforced / Kool London) - 10/10
moving millie wid these remixes (DnB) Larry - 7/10
Nice release!

Doumpa (Dubwise Station) - 7/10
It looks like Sizzla wants to go modern, hopefully we’ll see him perform with some of those artists in the near future.
Good release overall with super tight production in there. Ed Solo and Stickybuds take my favorite spot this time.

Downlink (Canada) - 8/10

Dreadzone - 8/10
song comes alive most with ed solo n stickybuds , nice to hear fat skanking roller with original tune on. just in case , can i and i get wav thank you and you

Dub Pistols (Barry) - 9/10
massive gonna spank the underpants off these

Dubstep.NET (Dropbox) - 9/10
Nice blend of remixes (Rod)
B.R.E.E.D Remix is the best

Dubtastic Music (Nicole Finnerty) - 9/10
Loving The eclectic experimental vibes on this release, will be on this big time. smile

Ed Solo - 9/10
Great stuff

FreQ Nasty - 10/10
Killer remixes

Frisk - 8/10
massive tunes! definitely supporting

FutureJungleBlog (Tariq Ziyad) - 8/10
Love the powerful lyrics and range of sounds on here, proof that true talent always gets better

Gold Dubs (Sub Slayers) - - 8/10
Loving the Ed Solo & Stickybuds remix !

Hellfire Machina (California) - 7/10
The dnb mixes are the ones for me.

Hoodlum - 9/10

Infinity (Kool London) - 8/10
love it oioi

Itchy Robot (Afterdark - Sub FM) - 8/10

Jamie Sho (Canada) - 8/10
Great remixes! Forward thinking 3rdeye remix and top notch dubwise from Ed Solo & Stickybuds.

Jay Cunning - 10/10
Dance floor destroyer!

Jbostron (Glasgow) - 7/10
great vocals, some interesting remixes, and an excellent remix from Ed Solo & Stickybuds! looking forward to dropping that in the dance.

JFB - 10/10

Jinx (Lionfire) DREAD - 9/10
MASSIVE love the vibe big big tune

Jinx In Dub - 8/10
Ed and Ty smash it again. gonna be spanking this

John Grief - 9/10
Ed Solo & Stickybuds - OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! absolute rinsin remixes - will rinse and then repeat!!!

Kane FM (Lickle B, Production Editor) - 10/10

Kelvin 373 (Lions Den, Boomtown - Bristol) - 8/10
Really wicked release, i really like the production on all 6 remix tracks, will definitely be supporting this! Big up!

Kenny Ken - - 10/10
good release!

King Yoof - 7/10
sizzla bringing the fire! (Colin) - 7/10
Ed Solo & Stickybuds remix is a firm favourite!

Leeroy Thornhill (ex Prodigy) - 8/10
feeling the Ed Solo & Stickybuds

Left Right - 8/10
3rdeye Remix is rich and full!

Lex (Ben & Lex/ Grand Ruckus) - 7/10
Top darts ! Top party from Ed solo an ting!! But really diggin the 3rd Eye and Breed mixes too

Life Support Machine (Simon) - 6/10
Good stuff, Ed Solo & Stickybuds remix is winner for me.

Mat The Alien (Canada) - 10/10
nice remixes

Mr Benn - 8/10
Vibes upon vibes - love the Ed Solo & Stickybuds remix

Muffler - 10/10

Muti Music (Dov) - 10/10
banging remixes, Ed Solo and Stickybuds take the cake on this one though, shortly followed by B.R.E.E.D

N-Type - 8/10
Coooool I like this 3rdeye is my favourite i think. Defo spin this on Radio next monday night

Nice Up (Jon Shepdog) - 7/10
Like it!

Nicky Blackmarket - 10/10
runnin - 10/10
Great dnb remix!

OTT Karp - (Radio 2 - Estonian national youth radio) - 8/10
Ed Solo & Stickibuds Dnb Remix is ace

Pappa Gee - 6/10
True junglist mis Ed Solo done. nice

Primal Soundz Legacy (Norwich) - 9/10
ed solo smash’s it again

Ricky Tuff - 9/10
Pure vibes, Sizzla never dissapoint!

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