Muti093 - Nanda
Cry Of The Ages

Buy  Released 2011-08-15


Nanda is fast becoming known as one of the US west coasts bass maestro’s with his track ‘Yoda Knowledge’ being the # 1 in annual sales on Addictech in 2009 and also featuring prominently on Beatport and Juno Download charts.
On Cry Of The Ages, Nanda gives us uplifting techy Dubstep in Dub Stomp and BlessuP , elevated synth driven downtempo in My Offering To You and uplifting tripped out world beats in a collaboration with Abai and then progresses into an experimental plethora of influences.
Mr. Nicholas Rider, better known as Nanda to his closest peers of family members, artists, musicians, peace promoters, transcendentalists, devotees, yogis, rastas, hippies, dancers, lovers, non-haters and mischief makers, has been musically influenced from a very young age. His inspiration continues to be fueled with the complete sentiment of how music touches so many people and is motivated to spread this positive vibe through his music making.  Currently residing in Santa Cruz Ca., he is busy working on future developments to dose the world with abstract tones of audio psychedelia.  Vast musical influences range from IDM and Breakbeat, to Dub and World Fusion. In today’s fight against the dark forces, and using music as the weapon, there is no plan on slowing this ship down.

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  1. My Offering To You 4:47
  2. Dub Stomp 4:14
  3. The Inconceivable 3:33
  4. BlessuP 4:51
  5. Nanda vs Abai - Cry of The Ages 4:53
  6. Struck By Reality 5:50
  7. Wav Oscillate 4:35
  8. bLiss Full State Of Mind 4:49
  9. nto The Core 4:58
  10. Heavenly Father - Ritual (Nanda's Whiplash Remix) 4:29
  11. Future Now 4:00
  12. Amazing Grace 6:35
  13. Outro To The Known 1:18


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