Muti090 - Ill-Esha

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Reverie is just that, “a fun filled frolic down a bright colored graffiti sidewalk on a scorching summer day.”
Bouncing between Dubstep and Glitch Hop influences and bringing a funky, melodic and fresh take on both.
Ill-Esha hails from Vancouver, BC,  Ill-Esha burst onto the North American electronic scene as a soul vocalist featured on various releases for the likes of Breakbeat Science, Fokuz, and BluSaphir, gradually becoming known for the seamless incorporation of original vocals and MCing into DJ sets expressing her unique take on bass music. Her multi-dimensional approach spans glitch hop, dubstep and downtempo, creating a dynamic live show which has set ill-esha apart amidst some of electronic music’s most groundbreaking acts.
With releases on trendsetting labels such as Muti Music, Daly City, Street Ritual, Subway, Haunted Audio, Dub Police and Simplify, Ill-Esha has ranked #1 on Junodownload, #2 on Addictech, and #3 on the Beatport Electronic charts as well as held the #1 spot on Soundcloud for 2 weeks in early 2011.  Ill-Esha’s recent album, Circadian Rhythms, released on San Francisco’s Daly City, went public to critical acclaim in the electronic world catapulting her trademark blend of feminine energy and ruthless bass to further worldwide recognition.

Name: Afro Monk
Location: / Dallas, TX
Favourite Track: 33 And A Third
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Incredible album! Love Love Love Pretty Banger! Glad to see this finally sees a release! Joey kills it on 33 and a third! Slide Over is def my 2nd fav!

Name: Joe Muggs
Publication: Mixmag
Favourite Track: Sidewalk Chalk
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Huge release! Love the contrast of the more crunchy elements with the cosmic sounds….

Name: Alan Ranta
Location: Vancouver, BC
Publication: Exclaim! / PopMatters / Tiny Mix Tapes
Favourite Track: The Golden Mean
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Ill-Esha is not just one of Canada’s best female producers; she’s one of the best producers on the continent.


Name: Greg Reve
Location: SA
Favourite Track: Sidewalk Chalk
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Probably my favourite Muti-Music release ever so far. Fucking brilliant! Clean chewy producton & enough soul that would put any angel in heaven to shame. Everything I love about this music combined into one. If I could favourite them all, I would. 5/5

Name: Praketh Sunder
Location: India
Publication: Decompressio Chamber (Coming Soon)
Favourite Track: Retrospect
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Always been a big fan of what Ill-Esha does the heavy retroish funk vibe in her productions ...big Ups!
Name: Knowa Knowone
Location: Oaktown
Favourite Track: Sidewalk Chalk
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Epic. Totally amazing. Sidewalk Chalk is so rad, i’ve been waiting for that one since she played it for me in the studio a couple months ago. Looses a little steam towards the end, but i’m just not that into dubstep right now.
Name: Star
Location: Bay Area
Favourite Track: The Golden Mean
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Cherry blossoms has been ruling my world lately… I am hoping for some more ill-esha vocal goodness on this release! smile
Name: K-Tee Shogun
Location: Shogun Audio
Favourite Track: Sidewalk Chalk
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Wow - i like this a lot. Im not familiar with Ill Esha but this is so damn funky. Full support from Shogun Audio

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  1. Sidewalk Chalk 4:56
  2. Retrospect 3:57
  3. 33 and a Third feat. Joe Mousepad 4:21
  4. The Golden Mean 4:53
  5. Iron Waterfall 5:18
  6. Pretty Banger 4:46
  7. Slide Over 5:39


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