Muti095 - An-ten-nae
Acid Crunk EP 8

Buy  Released 2011-08-01


An-ten-nae and his Acid Crunk machine has been on a non-stop rampage this summer, with major sets at festivals like Wakarusa, RE:Generation, L.I.B, and a host of others.
On Acid Crunk ep 8 An-Ten-Nae once again shows the diverse range of Acid Crunk, and debuts one of the hottest festival acts this summer, his new project with DJ Laura, The LowRIDERz. Plus a collaboration with Love and Light, and some Original tracks that range from futuristic dubstep, to half time, Drumstep.
With Acid Crunk vol. 4 in the works right now and a full schedule of touring for the foreseeable future, we see signs of ‘An-ten-nae, the Acid Crunk juggernaut’ creeping its way into the psyche of the Bass enthusiasts everywhere.

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  1. An-ten-nae - Machine Rise Dub 3:08
  2. An-ten-nae & Love and Light- A Little Bit More 3:59
  3. Laura Low & Lemurr - Summer Swag feat. Block Mob 3:16
  4. Laura Low & Lemurr - Rock This 3:17
  5. LowRIDERz - Jumpstart 3:17
  6. An-ten-nae, Karim So & Sica - We International 3:12
  7. LowRIDERz - Africa feat. Samba 3:42
  8. An-ten-nae - ALIEN 4:28
  9. An-ten-nae, Karim So & Sica - We International Instrumental 3:09
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