Trevor Kelly

Uninterested in a world that sticks creativity in a box, Trevor Kelly challenges the status quo and dives into the depths of the human creative stream. Trevor inevitably takes his listeners on a sonic journey, bending genres, and bridging musical worlds.

Born and raised in Southern California’s OC, Trevor Kelly is a San Francisco transplant that has been making big waves with his innovative, high energy performance’s, and original sound.  Alongside the Ritual team, with upcoming releases on SubStruk Records, 710 Records, and Irie Cartel, SoCal has been scrambling for Trevor back in the area.

After Trevor Kelly’s release OG Chronicles on the Irie cartel Label reached number 5 in its first week on the Beatport Dubstep charts while also hitting # 56 in Singles, he is on the move with a myriad of new material to climb even further. 

Having held down a residency at Ritual SF, Trevor has shared the stage with such artist as The Widdler, Adventure Club, Delta Heavy, Love & Light, Downlink, Zomboy, Heroes X Villains, and many other EDM artists.

Trevor’s most recent sound, a fusion of Future bass and 808, is the consequence of his ever-evolving musical style.  His innovative sound design and ability to compose heavy yet musical verses gives him an edge not only in the 808 game with his latest upcoming Full Length on Muti Music , but the Glitch Hop scene as well.  Impassioned and undivided, Trevor versatility as an artist coupled with his drive to challenge the limitations of genres truly makes him one of a kind, recreating himself and his music one note at a time.


Buy  Released 2014-01-14

GalacTech shift provides a full representation of edgy future-bass beats, utilizing Trap, Footwork, Hip-Hop and Dubstep as a backbone. Trevor Kelly rides the gambit with beats that drop so low the floor falls out from underneath you, to rolling footwork that is infectiously bouncy, to outer space whirls, sirens & squelchy stabs that take you to the outer fringes of galactic urban beats, minimal, deep and raw.

Trevor Kelly is a growing name on the US west coast bass music scene, in the past 2 years he has appeared on Irie Cartel, MalLabel Music, Street Ritual, Far Arden and SubStruk Records as well as collaborating with TASO on Muti Music . We thought it was high time that he had a full representation on Muti and GalachTech Shift is the result.  Brace yourselves for a sub-bass workout.

Buy  Released 2013-02-19

Off Top brings as much bounce as it does bass, combining Trap and Juke / Footwork and a version of blazed up attitude that tends to rock dancefloors.

TASO gives us the ultimate sunny day bass tune for sippin’ on gin & juice with Trapstarr, the most hotboxed car drive of the year on his refix of Yheti - Crack The Window and the best fusion of Trap and Juke / Footwork we’ve heard yet on LA Beezy. The release also goes deep, features a good few fast rollers with snappy vocal edits and is otherwise made for a good bounce around the floor and cruising in your vehicle of choice.

TASO is one of the emerging San Francisco bass music trendsetters, over the past three years he has released music on Badman Music, MalLabel Music, LU10, Full Melt Recordings, remixed Cutty Ranks with Djunya on Philip Music and also gained attention Play me Recordings and the Teklife crew, along with his signing to Muti Music, this means you’ll probably be hearing more.


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Whatever level I'm at right now is to be the furthest thing from me. I will not be beaten. Nor loose traction..nor give in. Fuck. No.
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#ActivatedTheAlbum #lunchbreak #SC So pumped on the way things are coming together for this album!
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#skateb4thesession always :) New studio 90% finished for now. #ActivatedTheAlbum #daytwoofmixdownfinals
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