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Muti029 - Great Scott - The Grand Conspiracy

April 6, 2009 | Filed Under Releases |


- Out now for limited exclusive period on Beatport
1. Defcon
2. Theorists feat. Raja Wilco and Nibu [Radio Vocal Edit]
3. Theorists [Instrumental Edit]
4. Theorists Acappella feat. Raja Wilco and Nibu
5. Caravan
File Under: Breakbeat/ Bigbeat / Trip Hop / Hip Hop

Mr. No Hands (Mixmag / Air Recordings):”nice set of tunes, like these..”
Kemek The Dope Computer (Bedrock, Muti): “Haven’t even finished listening all the way through but I already know that “Defcon” is the one. It’s just too good. If it’s good enough for Timothy Leary…”
Ratling (Breaks FM): “Nice one..”

Release Info:
Great Scott made waves with his Bollygraph Test EP last year and follows up now with an EP of diverse tempos and edgy beats. The EP kicks off with a relentlessly funky uptempo breaks track ‘Defcon’ that will thrash many a dancefloor with it’s tight beats and rocking leads, ‘Caravan’ follows with the sort of world beat track that has had Great Scott guest performing on Bobby Frictions BBC radio show last year. ‘Theorists’ is the track showing a new side to his productions with a bass driven  bigbeat chugger featuring UK MC Raja Wilco and Nibu on the lyrics.
Great Scott is the host of “MK Ultra,” on KTRU in Houston, TX where he has hosted the likes of Hybrid and Kraddy. He has also been a regular on NSB radio , the new founder of and been a resident DJ in China and was recently also one of the NuSkoolBreaks radio DJs at WMC 2009.  Strongly inspired by the sounds of old-school big beat and breaks, including the likes of Fluke, The Prodigy, and Rabbit In The Moon, Scott is constantly attempting to fuse the sounds of the old with that of the new, while trying to achieve a delicate balance between producing music that’s meant to make people move, with that which inflicts various emotions and imagery.

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