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Muti024 - Nanda - Constant Change

January 20, 2009 | Filed Under Releases |

Out now on Addictech - available everywhere Feb 2009
Muti024Muti024 - Nanda - Constant Change
File Under: Dubstep, Trip Hop, Bassline House, Downtempo
1. Bass Mystic        4:54
2. Yoda Knowledge    6:13
3. Musik Right Now    4:42
4. Cozmik Dance    4:21
5. Caveman        4:48
6. Just For Fun        4:44
7. Demon Killer        4:35

Release Info:
Nanda is fast becoming known as one of the US west coasts top bass maestro’s with his prior releases doing well in Dubstep / Grime charts as well as in  Chillout. Once again he has graced us with a blessing of bass for our subwoofers.
Nanda typically dips into multiple influences and emerges with something broken in beats and flirting with Dubstep, Grime, Garage, Electro Bass and Downtempo music in genre classifications. The result is something that pushes a few edges technologically and somehow retains a sense of worldliness. In Nanda’s music it’s common to catch samples of Didgeridoo, Ood and ancient chants amongst other strings and organic instrumentation all in tracks that have some of the most crunchy Electro Breaks grooves and the result is an intense ecstatic dance experience waiting to happen.

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