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Artist - T.O.B. (Triplet Of Bellville)

July 29, 2009 | Filed Under Blog Posts, Featured Artists |


Muti Music is excited to announce the new signing of a very accomplished producer, Triplet Of Belville (T.O.B) .
T.O.B is French-born Composer & Studio Owner Grégory Reveret,
His musical career started at a very young age, having learned the Clarinet and Piano for several years, he then evolved and applied his musical knowledge into electronic music, where his passion lies. With a style that can only be compared to his own and an ever-evolving “hybrid” attitude to his musical direction, T.O.B is set to make huge waves with his epic sound.
T.O.B also composes for the advertising and visual-media industry, having done music composition for TV Networks such as PBS international, ESPN, MTV and even composed the soundtrack to a hit Animation series which was flighted in 13 countries worldwide.
His diverse production and musical style keeps him up to date on all current trends in the ever evolving musical and visual environments.
“I never limit my musical style to anything, it’s important to always keep an open mind about
new things and analyze what it is that makes peoples emotions ‘tick’, when hearing a musi-
cal piece. I strive to push boundaries as far as I can when I write a piece of music, to give it life, depth & emotion. Finding balance where it can be technically pure as well as emotionally charged,  this is what I hope to achieve every time I write a musical piece”  T.O.B is also producer for the Hip-Hop trio “The Realist” where he is constantly forming and creating new sounds and formulas for his Bowl-Wrenching basslines and crisp, attitude-filled production.

Watch this space, T.O.B is here to stay and is going to create some serious dancefloor carnage!

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